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KickAss 3: Is It Happening | Everything you need to know

KickAss was a revolution when it came out, establishing a new bar for the superhero film genre. Nobody had seen anything like that up to that point. In general, there’s been nothing quite like this. It was a first for everything, and it paved the way for subsequent superhero comedies. At that time, only talk of superhero comedies was happening, but they had never been done before. KickAss changed all that. It established a new standard for the category. But, after a decade, we still haven’t seen the third movie in the franchise. Where is KickAss 3? Will it ever be made? Is it even a possibility?

If you’re interested, keep reading since this post will answer a lot of your questions and we’ll discuss the most up-to-date rumors and news regarding KickAss 3.

KickAss: About The Movie

kickass 3

KickAss was a fantastic superhero film that debuted in 2010 and was based on Mark Miller’s Hit-Girl and Kick-Ass comics. At the time, there wasn’t a comic book movie with comedic aspects and dark humor like this one. This was a new and never-before-seen thing. KickAss, on the other hand, brought everything to the table and a lot more. It’s about a young guy named Dave who, in his aspirations to become a superhero inspired by comics, decides to take the law into his own hands and become a vigilante. However, things don’t go well when he meets up with Hit-Girl and Big Daddy, the other vigilantes in the series who have been active for quite some time. The shows will all confront their shared adversary, Frank D’Amico. The criminal must be brought to justice, and the three must work together to do so.

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KickAss was a film that simply stood out from the crowd. Following its release, the movie attracted a lot of negative attention due to its grisly and violent content. This was something people had never ever seen before. KickAss had a lot of it. The film generated a lot of debate, in particular, because Hit-Girl is only 11 and the series depicts fairly gory imagery in the film. Another issue for the public to argue about was the use of bad language. The film contains no reservations when it comes to swearing, and it’s reflected in the content. Overall, the film paved the path for future dark superhero comedies such as Deadpool. For its time, it was a groundbreaking movie.

KickAss 3: Will It Happen

KickAss was a huge financial success, but the sequel, KickAss 2, was not. The follow-up performed badly at the box office and was harshly criticized by both audiences and critics. KickAss 2 was not a success at all, earning just 33% on Rotten Tomatoes. Given this information, it appears unlikely that the producers will want to pursue a third movie. Perhaps KickAss was an isolated hit. Or maybe not. However, it is a difficult question to answer. Mark Miller already has the third novel completed, so all that remains is for him to decide whether or not he will make the third film. Mark Miller always wanted to make a trilogy, but the box office failure is preventing him from doing so. So the question is no longer whether a KickAss 3 will be made, but rather when. It’s entirely up to the studio now if they want to make one. Or maybe we’ll just have to wait till another company purchases the franchise and decides to produce a film.

It’ll be fascinating to observe whatever happens, no matter what. We don’t know if we’ll get a third film, but we do know that it will happen and will continue to be a possibility. It’s simply a question of who is bold enough to take on the task and make Miller’s vision come true.

KickAss 3: Potential Release Date

If KickAss 3 is ever confirmed, which seems unlikely given the amount of time that has passed since the second installment in the series, it will take around two years to produce. So, in the absolute best-case scenario, we’re talking about a release date of late 2023. This is the most optimistic case for the film. The worst-case scenario…. you have guessed it already.

KickAss: Where To Watch

It’s unclear whether KickAss 3 will happen, but the original is a sure thing. You may watch it on several OTT platforms by streaming it.

You may watch the film on Prime Video or Netflix by following the links below:

Watch KickAss on Amazon Prime Video

Watch KickAss on Netflix

The film has an IMDb score of 7.6 out of 10 based on user reviews, and it is highly recommended by us. If you haven’t seen the movie, we strongly advise you to do so. It’s a unique superhero story with engaging characters that you’ll like.

What are your thoughts on KickAss 3? Do you believe it will happen? What do you think about the previous movies? Are you a fan of them? In the comments area below, tell us what you think.

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